• Lučić Prigrevica

Lučić Prigrevica

• 1 100 ha of the highest quality agricultural soil
• 1 100 ha with installed irrigation, sown twice at 60%
• Large plots of 500 ha each
• Modern machinery (3 000 ha) and electric irrigation systems

Additional infrastructure
• Geothermal sources
• Farm capacity of 1 100 heifers
• Two Danube - Tisa – Danube canals run through the fields

The “Lučić Prigrevica” Company was founded in 1950 in the village of Prigrevica, 11 kilometers southwest of the City of Apatin. Today the company property covers ​​1100 ha of land near the Danube-Tisa-Danube irrigation canal system. With vegetable crops planted on over 800 ha, Lučić Prigrevica is the largest individual manufacturer of consumable vegetables in Serbia.
All of the remaining area is used for the cultivation of various crops.
The company’s largest potential lies in the high quality soil, the most fertile arable land in Europe.

Namely, over 70% of the land is the 1st class chernozem soil, while the rest of the land is the alluvial 2nd class chernozem, exceptionally fertile, ideal for the cultivation of vegetable crops.
Our parcels are grouped in relatively large complexes near the DTD canal system. This facilitates irrigation, implementation and control of technologies and seed production, due to easier formation of the isolation distances.
The elevation of this area is a natural protection from flooding.